diamond and pearls


This blog makes no sense whatsoever.Its one of those random things i do because they make me happy. It’s only wise to do something that you love no matter how insanely ridiculous it is.

Let say,this blog is a perfect example of non-writer blogger disaster. It follows no niche.In case you decide to read anything here or find yourself unconsciously roaming around pearls and diamonds blame yourself if you get humiliated, disappointed,angry, confused or even vomit wondering what kind of a specimen lives here..This blog is full of everything,poor  grammar, non sensible bubble, idiotic stuff ,wrong punctuation,broken relationships, unorganized room,dirty dishes,corruption,crying babies in soiled diapers,stale food and everything else you find yourself going through when you  do something that you are completely bad at.

I am a Kenyan, a typical village girl who believes tomorrow is another day,another chance to start over and with tomorrow there is hope..Don’t give up.

Iam a foodie; i care deeply about food😊





15 responses to “About

  1. Awaaaaah Congratulations dear…..never thought of opening the link on your Bio but am soo happy to read through your blog….Yes!Go!Go!Go Girl for your dreams never be afraid to try……All the best!


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